PROJET 04 – Communities in the making

Londre, Bromley By Bow, Art Centre

Summer 2020

Following a community art project led by Becky Seale in Bromley by Bow, London in 2016; communities in the making is a podcast of 5 episodes of different themes about the challenges and concepts of making such a project. In each episodes, you will hear about people who participated in the project talking about the various concept that was involved. From trust, friendship to leadership, the podcast will follow every steps to success for your own community art project in your own locality.

the podcast that has been recorded by Becky Seale and Romeo Gongora in various environment, such as the community art centre in Bromley centre, or via internet video conference. The project is about working on the files produced on said podcast in post production in order to clean, cut parts and render a final project of 5 episodes to broadcast on multiple platforms.

The role of Arcalux

Arcalux did not participate in the recording of the podcast. Instead, the role is to receive the raw files of the podcast, make addition and substractions, add an intro, clean the audio and have it mastered of the next step;
Writting a description of the episodes, and publishing the material on the popular podcasting platforms known.

The member working on this project is Alex Marchand.

Project Status : Post production

Soon to be published. A link will be provided once the project is published.